RED3 Integrated Server

Salient’s RED3 IS combines server, switch, and software for professional video surveillance deployments. The RED3 IS all-in one unit provides high performance, featuring Intel Core i3 or Core i5 processors for HD and 4K resolution recording at high frame rates. The RED3 IS's built-in PoE switch features 16 or 24 ports of PoE or PoE+connectivity, 2 Combo 1GB uplink ports and a power capacity of up to 487 watts. RED3 IS has full compatibility with HDMI and VGA connectors allowing up to 4K resolution monitor output. Up to 24TB of storage capacity provides longer term video retention requirements. RED3 IS includes 16 or 24 channels of either CompleteView ONE or Pro VMS software fully licensed, a 3 year warranty and 3 years of CompleteView software updates. With the RED3 IS just add cameras for a fully capable, professional class video surveillance solution.



RED3 Integrated Server Firmware Update

Download the most up to date firmware update for the RED3 Integrated Server RED3 IS Firmware Update



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