TouchView Mobile Apps

Salient Systems offers mobile apps for the iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® touch and AndroidTM smartphones. Bring your video viewing and playback experience along with you wherever you go. TouchViewTM Mobile combines the power of Salient’s CompleteViewTM video management system with the freedom of mobile access to live video, recorded video with audio playback and PTZ camera control from a powerful, fully integrated interface.

Users can instantly access, monitor and review live and recorded video from any camera connected to any CompleteView recording server in the system. And, cameras from multiple servers can be accessed simultaneously with PTZ control. CompleteView’s powerful DRS (dynamic resolution scaling) automatically sizes the video for live viewing, significantly reducing network usage and providing higher frame rates over mobile connections.

TouchView Mobile Functionality

FeatureiPhone/iPad/iPod TouchAndroid
Multiple, customizable view layoutsYesYes
Configurable multi-camera view layoutsYesYes
Drag and drop view layout configurationYesN/A
Point and click view layout configurationYesYes
PTZ camera controlYesYes
Digital PTZ on any camera using iPhone-style stretch, pinch and drag controlsYesYes
PTZ preset position controlYesYes
PTZ speed controlYesYes
Simultaneous live display of cameras1616
Supports landscape and portrait modesYesYes
Integrated dynamic resolution scaling for low bandwidth consumptionYesYes
Playback of recorded videoYesYes
Live and recorded audio supportYesYes
Date and time based search recordingsYesYes
Fast forward, skip to beginning/end of clipYesYes
Pause and play controls for playback of recordingsYesYes
Adjustable playback speedsYesYes
Scrub bar control for easy playback of recordingsYesYes
Take snapshot of image from any displayed cameraYesYes
Email snapshot imageYesYes
User selectable video quality levelsYesYes
Adjustable frame rate speedYesYes
Export and import configuration between devices and/ or Web ClientYesYes
Set presetsYesYes
Video Proxy supportYesYes
Camera light controlYesYes


  • Seamless integration with Salient Systems’ CompleteView VMS
  • Full interaction with CompleteView live video, audio and recordings
  • Utilizes CompleteView’s Dynamic Resolution Scaling providing optimized video transmission over slow connections
  • Incorporates analog, IP, megapixel, and HD video available from CompleteView
  • On-screen PTZ camera controls
  • Built in support for analog cameras, IP cameras and encoders
  • Advanced playback capability, including scrub bar control
  • Customizable view layouts

How To Order

Get TouchView Mobile on Google Play. Search "salient"..

Get CompleteView for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch on the App Store. Search "salient".


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