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Configuring Email Notification

This interactive module explains all the necessary steps to configure email notification to enable receipt of emails from the CompleteView Server and CompleteView Admin Console. Email notification can be sent to any email address for the following events – from the following sources.

1. Camera lost sync – from the CV server

2. Camera motion events – from the CV server

3. External alarms events – from the CV server

4. Camera Lost sync – from the Admin Console

5. Server Connection lost – from the Admin Console

6. Hardware License Key Missing – from the Admin Console

7. Recording Volume offline– from the Admin Console

Length: 17-20 minutes


Adding and Moving IP Camera Licenses

This interactive module explains all the necessary steps to move IP camera licenses (feature keys) from one server license key to another. This module also explains the process to order and add new IP camera licenses to any existing license key.

Length: 13-15 minutes


Installing IP Cameras

This interactive module explains all the necessary steps to add IP cameras to a CompleteView server.

Length: 15-20 minutes


Creating and Configuring Volumes & Archive Volumes

This interactive module explains all the necessary steps to create and configure recording volumes and archive recording volumes.

Length: 15-20 minutes


Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is a group of modules that duplicate the print version of the Quick Start Guide, but in an electronic and interactive format. After viewing and interacting with this group of modules the user should have a higher degree of comfort when completing a CompleteView server install. This module is a great refresher for the infrequent CompleteView installer. The CompleteView Quick Start Guide covers the following steps:

Server Configuration

  • CompleteView Software Installation
  • Add and Configure a Recording Volume
  • Add and Configuring an IP Camera
  • Adding a User to the Server
  • Configuring a Recording Schedule
  • Configuring Windows Firewall Exceptions for CompleteView

Client Configuration

  • Adding a Server to Client Configuration
  • Adding a User to Client Configuration
  • Adding Live View Layouts
  • Adding a Map View

Length: 30-40 minutes.




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