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Despite the efforts and best of intentions to mitigate the risk of the occurrence of an active-shooter situation, the rate of campus shootings is increasing in America.

Campus public safety directors are in a uniquely challenging position of protecting all members of the campus. While institutions of higher education have a responsibility to provide a safe and secure campus environment, they cannot eliminate random acts of violence. The very real possibility of an active shooter remains an ever-present danger and when they occur, they evolve quickly.

At least 66.9% of all active shooter incidents are over prior to the arrival of law enforcement. This creates the need for educators and students to be prepared to survive an active shooter situation. Schools need to use a system of education and working with law enforcement to train the campus community on how to survive an active shooter situation and minimize casualties.

This webinar will detail on how and why you need to increase awareness of the need for active shooter response training for all members of your campus community.


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