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Salient Systems and Wasabi Technologies Partner to Deliver Best-Of-Breed Technologies

By Salient | Mar 24, 2022

“Wasabi is thrilled to be a part of Salient System’s ecosystem. We are excited to offer Salient customers affordable hot cloud storage to compliment their Completeview VMS open cloud video data platform..."

Salient is back at ISC West 2022!

By Salient | Mar 17, 2022

At ISC West, you can learn more about Salient’s new integrations with leading access control and analytics solutions and a host of enhancements that improve the quality of and access to live video with lower infrastructure costs as well as new features and services coming later this year.

Three healthcare workers talking in a busy modern lobby

Enhancing Healthcare with an Open Platform

By Salient | Jan 14, 2022

With increased responsibilities and waves of patients and their families overflowing hospitals, violent and aggressive situations have increased. A scalable security system would allow healthcare organization to implement new technologies and integrations that will assist them in improving overall operations as seen when dynamics change frequently throughout a pandemic.

close up consumer thief’s hands putting the new gadget in the pocket in the store

Our Shopping Future is at Risk - ORC and Retail Theft

By Salient | Nov 30, 2021

If you were a retailer, large or small, and you were dealt the blow of the pandemic, and survived, and then had to deal with the aftermath of shipping and distribution struggles, you may think that things can’t possibly get worse.

Salient Systems celebrates successful GSX 2021

By Salient | Oct 11, 2021

Thanks to all who stopped by the Salient Systems booth at GSX 2021 last week! While it wasn’t quite like the shows of the past, we’re grateful for the opportunity to see so many customers, partners, and industry colleagues face to face again. If you couldn’t attend the show in Orlando, here’s a few snapshots of what Salient highlighted at the event to help customers go beyond security with the Salient open video platform, CompleteView.

Camera view of courtyard outside a bank

Video management systems: more than a security tool for banking

By Salient | Aug 18, 2021

From regional credit unions to large banking institutions with nation-wide networks of locations, the banking industry requires appropriate security procedures to ensure safety of assets and people. These measures are mandated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and require a number of cameras and a certain camera resolution.