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Campus Security & Life Safety is excited to present another Virtual Summit, a digital event geared toward those responsible for the security and safety of their campuses. Attendees will learn vital information from industry experts on school shootings, campus law enforcement, and active shooters.

Register today for the Campus Security & Life Safety Virtual Summit – March 16, 2022  which offers 3 webinars in one day!

Join leading security and safety experts for three presentations, all from the convenience of your computer!

Session 1: Keynote: Addressing an Increase of School Shootings
As the number of schools across the United States implementing active assailant response training grows substantially, so, too, has the debate surrounding their effectiveness and psychological impact. Learn how to survive a shooting event and positive outcomes of an active assailant protocol. Understand popular programs addressing active threats, such as ALICE, CRASE, “Run, Hide, Fight,” and other well-known response protocols.

Session 2: The Future of Campus Law Enforcement
The people you can count on most are those you interact with each day. Chief Norris discusses the care of students, staff and faculty at Wheaton College and the importance of having one-on-one relationships to improve their safety and security. He talks about good old-fashioned policing tactics on campus.

Session 3: Deadly Myths about Active Shooter Events in K–12 Schools
This presentation will cover in-depth the preparedness and response to an active shooter situation. Attendees will learn the concept of “Run, Hide, Fight” in the event of an armed, active shooter on campus. No one can tell us how we should or will act under these circumstances. It is best to be trained and prepared to have an understanding of what to do in the event this happens on your campus. Make no mistake: You can survive an active shooter incident by remembering and planning ahead to take the necessary steps.

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