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Campus Security: Tools and Processes for Campus Security Staff to Preserve Incident Scenes

How to protect a crime scene until law enforcement arrives

The proper preservation and protection of a campus crime scene by district personnel will allow the police to gather uncontaminated evidence—thereby increasing the possibility of suspect apprehension. This understanding will help school personnel appreciate the care that is needed in protecting a scene. Evidence thus properly gathered provides necessary documentation for the district risk managers should a crime occur on campus.

Join us to learn more about the seven steps in protecting and processing a crime scene:

  1. Preserving the Crime Scene
  2. Searching the Crime Scene for Evidence
  3. Recording the Crime Scene
  4. Evidence and collection of same
  5. Locating and Interviewing Witnesses
  6. Focusing the Investigation
  7. Case Preparation for courts or risk managers

You may never be called upon to perform all of the above tasks. It is however, important for you to have an understanding of the process so that should an unsettling event happen in your district you will be prepared to assist with the process and the successful resolution of the case.

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Ron Woodruff, Founder of Prepared Schools
Mr. Woodruff received his Bachelor of Science in Police Science and Administration from Washington State University in 1975. Mr. Woodruff received his teaching credentials from Central Washington University in 1993 and his Master’s in Educational Administration in 1999, also from Central Washington University. Mr. Woodruff is a graduate of the Seattle Police Academy and worked as a police officer/crime scene investigator for the cities of Mercer Island and Cle Elum Washington. Mr. Woodruff has worked in the high school setting for 18 years until his retirement. Mr. Woodruff has merged his law enforcement experience and his educational administrative experience to develop relevant and timely professional development materials on topics related to school safety and security, an area of great concern and interest to him.