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What's in the Background? Establishing a Viable Campus CCTV Policy

Attendees of this Webinar will learn why they should establish a CCTV policy. Considerations of a CCTV policy will be discussed as well as establishing principles of operation, monitoring guidelines, and recording processes. A good CCTV policy can also balance safety and protection with the sometimes hostile views people may have of cameras watching over them.

What you will learn:

  • The CCTV policy will paint a picture of concern for the people protected.
  • Cameras see more than you plan for them to see.
  • The policy must also address how the distribution of off-campus footage is managed.

Watch the on-demand webinar here!


Timothy Howard

Tim Howard, CSSM, is the Director of Security and Safety at American Public Education, Inc. He oversees all aspects of physical security at the American Public University System campuses for American Military University and American Public University. He is Certified in Security Supervision and Management and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Security Management. Tim is also an Emergency Preparedness instructor.