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Going the Extra Mile: Secure Recycle

Savers Thrift Superstores are all about offering great quality, gently used clothing, accessories, and household goods. With more than 300 locations in North America and Australia, security also is top of mind for company executives.

Security must place a key role as the company resells and recycles quality merchandise, giving communities a smart way to shop, and it keeps more than 700 million pounds of used goods from landfills every year. Savers takes their recycling efforts a step further by helping more than 100 nonprofit organizations, purchasing their donated goods and providing them with a source of revenue.

Known as Savers in the United States and Australia, they also market their holdings as Value Village in the United States and Canada, Unique in the United States, and Village des Valeurs in Quebec. More than 21,000 employees must be kept safe and secure while on duty.

Learn more about how Savers improved their outdated storage systems in Salient's case study, "Going the Extra Mile: Secure Recycle."