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Sanjay Challa, Salient's CPO Spoke on Petabytes of Profit at GSX Expo

If security is an endless game of offense and defense, the stakes have never been higher. As quickly as new threats are thwarted, new vulnerabilities are exposed, with cybersecurity attacks growing more organized by the day and physical security experiencing unprecedented challenges of its own. New risks require new rules of engagement. 

Sanjay Challa, Salient's Chief Product Officer, spoke on Petabytes of Profit at GSX. Log-in here to watch the on-demand to find out how Salient’s platform can drive your business operations with actionable video intelligence.


Sanjay Challa

Title: Petabytes of Profit: Unlocking the Insights in Video Data - Salient Sponsored Content

Many organizations have historically relied on video surveillance for safety, security, and other “defensive” purposes. However, with improvements in cameras and in analytics capabilities, some organizations are starting to leverage the large amounts of video data to transform their business process and deliver better customer experiences, improve business operations, and gain competitive advantage in their market. In this session, we will:

  • Provide insight into how video data is being leveraged for use cases beyond security
  • Explore various technology choices and deployment patterns for video management
  • Discuss practical considerations and insights in choosing and deploying a VMS

Type: X Learning Stage

Learning Objective #1: The insights that some organizations are gleaning from video data and how they are improving their operations, customer experience, and more.

Learning Objective #2: What it takes to setup a video management software (VMS) solution to enable use cases beyond safety, security, and loss prevention.

Learning Objective #3: Key technology and deployment decisions, and how these decisions make it easier or more difficult to extract insights and intelligence that is contained in video data.