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Multicare Health System Takes Security to the Next Level

Multicare Health System in Washington state employs more than 20,000 team members across 11 hospitals and more than 300 medical clinics, laboratories, medical imaging, pharmacies and specialty services locations. As a large healthcare organization, Multicare has many levels of security to attend to, including slips and falls, patient care, guest management, parking and perimeter security, staff and security officer safety and much more.

When Joshua Davis, technology system support coordinator, joined MultiCare in 2018, he oversaw the upkeep, implementation and eventual retirement of the organization’s physical security assets, including its outdated NVR solution, legacy analog surveillance cameras as well as access control and video management solutions. Like many robust and expanding organizations, MultiCare has added new sites and facilities over the years, finding itself with disparate security, video surveillance and access control solutions.

Prior to upgrading that technology, operators were pulling video footage via a flash drive transfer at legacy sites when incidents occurred. The organization was experiencing challenges of using older equipment too, and the access control solution didn’t have two-way integration with the VMS, making analytics cumbersome and difficult to manage.

“We had multiple video management system (VMS) solutions and multiple systems were outdated and past their end of life. We needed to consolidate into a single, unified solution with a global interface,” Davis explains.

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