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Full eBook: Understanding Video Management Systems

The goal of this book, Understanding Video Management Systems: Video Security Recording Technology and Design Essentials, is to provide an in-depth analysis of technology concepts pertaining to Video Management Software platforms. VMS software is at the technology center of video surveillance deployments, so understanding the underlying concepts described in this book is critical when researching, designing, and selecting the appropriate platform to meet your needs.

The eBook is comprised of 9 chapters. Chapter 1 will provide an introduction to video security recording technologies, as well as an overview of common features and purchasing considerations. The complete edition will go on to cover topics including VMS architectures, hardware platforms, integration with related security technologies, cost and licensing considerations, security, compression and bandwidth saving technologies, as well as fault tolerance.

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  • Chapter 1 - Security Camera Recording Platforms, Overview and Feature Descriptions
  • Chapter 2 - Video Security Recording Technology and Design Essentials
  • Chapter 3 - Hardware Design for VMS Platforms
  • Chapter 4 - Specialized Hardware Platforms
  • Chapter 5 - Technology Integrations
  • Chapter 6 - VMS Costs and Licensing Structure
  • Chapter 7 - The Security of the Video Surveillance System
  • Chapter 8 - Video Compression and VMS Bandwidth Saving Technologies
  • Chapter 9 - Failover and Redundancy for VMS Systems