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Active Shooter: Stopping an Active Shooter Event by Creating a Welcoming Environment

Preparation for an active shooter is the goal of every campus law enforcement agency. It is no different at Yavapai College in Prescott, AZ. Led by and implemented by Lt. Tyran Payne, a secure campus is the ultimate goal. Yavapai College also has been selected as part of the Presidential Equity Task Force, hosting a discussion on how to create a more welcoming environment, focusing on diversity and the overall makeup of students, staff and instructors.

What you will learn:

  • How to identify an Active Shooter, and how to minimize risk.
  • The benefits of a college campus Presidential Equity Task Force; how to create a more welcoming environment on campus.
  • Understanding diversity on campus.

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Lt. Tyran Payne has more than 25 years as a law enforcement veteran. He was promoted to Lieutenant at Yavapai College in 2017. He currently leads the Presidential Equity Task Force on campus, focusing on diversity among students and staff. He is an Army veteran, serving 10 years as a military police officer. He formerly served with the Prescott Valley and Chino Valley police departments, before joining the Yavapai College Police Department.