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Mission Control Design - What makes the security operations command center work

The purpose of a security operations command center is to enforce an organization’s security and operational policies through command and control of systems and processes. Standard operating procedures possess guidelines on how to handle a normal emergency, and situational events.

What you will learn:

  • Purpose of a security operation command center.
  • Foundation of an SOC.
  • SOC consoles.
  • Best practices of a SOC design.

Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Time: 11am PT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET

Watch this on-demand Salient-sponsored Security Today webinar!


Charlie Howell, CSC
Charlie Howell, CSC, is a well-respected and 30 year veteran in the security industry. He has worked 12 years as a security integrator, and 20 years as a security consultant and design engineer. Charlie has installed, serviced and designed security command and elements as an integrator.
Charlie is a certified security consultant; certified Risk Assessment Methodologies. He is an alumni of the FBI Citizens Academy, InfraGard Members Alliance, North Texas; and a member of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, and International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals.