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The University of Utah: Coordinating Crisis Response through Campus Emergency Management

Universities must plan, prepare for, and respond to emergencies for the well-being of the campus community. At the University of Utah, Emergency Management is a unit in the public safety Emergency Services division. This division has the critical task of planning, training, exercising, and preparing the U community and the environment for all kinds of crises.

In the past five years, the University of Utah has experienced criminal events, including tragic homicides, an earthquake, a hurricane-level wind event, power outages, and the current coronavirus public health crisis. Emergency Management staff have been responsible for facilitating partnerships with other offices and organizations on campus to help manage consequences resulting from these events. In this webinar, participants will learn how Emergency Management coordinates a timely and effective response in an emergency situation.

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Jeff Graviet

Jeff Graviet, Director of Emergency Services at University of Utah 

Jeff oversees the U’s emergency management functions, the Communications Center, and is developing a travel safety unit. Before coming to the U in 2016, Jeff was appointed as the Salt Lake County Emergency Services Director. He is a retired Major from the Utah Department of Public Safety, was the commander of the department’s Special Emergency Response Team and served on the 2002 Winter Olympic Tactical Sub-committee. He has a degree in criminal justice and is a graduate of the Northwestern Police Staff and Command College and FEMA’s Emergency Management Executive Academy. He is a Certified Emergency Manager through the International Association of Emergency Managers and State of Utah.

Stuart Moffatt

Stuart Moffatt, Associate Director, Emergency Management at University of Utah

Stuart has served as the Associate Director of Emergency Management for the University of Utah since 2010. He oversees the emergency management unit in the division and has responsibilities in facilitating and coordinating operational response, planning, training and exercises. He holds a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) designation from the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and has served as a regional representative for the IAEM University and College Caucus. Stuart has been an active participant in the Utah Emergency Management Association (UEMA) as a regular member, board member and conference speaker. He holds an Honors B.S. in Disaster Management from the University of Utah.