Founded in 1995, Salient Systems is a leader in open architecture video management systems. By combining powerful, yet flexible video management software and versatile hardware platforms, Salient delivers surveillance solutions that are easy to use, flexible and scalable. As Salient's CompleteView 20/20 VMS supports a wide variety of security industry applications, customers are free to choose the best available design parameters to fit their needs.

Why Salient?

Unmatched Scalability

Whether you are a small business, a large global enterprise, or something in-between, CompleteView 20/20 VMS brings deployment simplicity and unmatched scalability to support your requirements, both today and tomorrow.

Fully Open Architecture

CompleteView 20/20’s open architecture enables your organization to seamlessly leverage existing technology investments and minimize disruption as hardware and software infrastructure changes over time.

Everything is Easier

CompleteView 20/20 VMS is designed from the ground up to minimize the friction of deploying, managing, and growing best-in-class video surveillance operations.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Our technical innovations and unique pricing model enable Salient customers to deploy best-in-class video surveillance capabilities, while enjoying the lowest total cost of ownership in the market.