ADI Global Distribution

Salient Systems is pleased to partner with ADI Global for the distribution of the company’s product line. ADI is a leading global distributor of security and low voltage products with over 200 branch locations nationally and internationally.


To assist with design configurations and system requirements, use Salient’s EasyCalc calculator. For additional system design consultation, please contact Access EasyCalc



Salient offers you support, technical documentation and general resources. These include manuals, datasheet, brochures, A&E specs, release notes and how-to's. Access the Knowledge Base

CompleteView 20/20 Certification Training

At Salient, we believe product education is vital to satisfied customers. We welcome ADI dealers to our training events and are dedicated to providing you the best possible training to help you design, install, administer and use CompleteView 20/20. Classroom training is a requirement to become an ADI Certified dealer. CompleteView 20/20 product training is a two-day comprehensive course, designed to provide you with certification on CompleteView 20/20 video management software. Access CompleteView 20/20 Certification Training 

Certification Training

CompleteView Online Certification Training

As an ADI dealer, you are required to have two people trained through online or classroom training. Online training is free for up to 60 days of first purchase order (applicable for up to 2 people per company), and a prerequisite of an ADI Certified dealer. Access CompleteView Online Certification Training

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