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New security technologies and services are often presented to security professionals within electrical utilities as a response to a perceived threat or risk, but end users can be unsure what solutions are appropriate or most effective for our specific needs.

Enterprise physical security leaders are expected to make the right decisions in selecting and implementing security mitigations and controls that provide the best return on investment (ROI) and provide the appropriate level of security at their electrical utility sites. But how can we ensure that we are making the correct choices and providing the level of security at our facilities that will address all risks?

The presenters will review these concerns and discuss how they provide Southern California Edison stakeholders awareness of identified risks and recommendations in order to gain support for its use and implementation of risk-based controls.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss how to identify and prioritize risks for mitigation and to develop an approach to vetting technology for future risk-based applications.
  • Recognize the importance of accurately conveying risks to C-Suite Stakeholders.
  • Identify key characteristics of appropriate risk-based controls for an enterprise, such as an electrical utility.
  • Discuss the importance of implementing a defense in-depth, layered approach to secure people, property and assets.
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