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If the nation has learned anything from the Covid-19 crisis, it’s that advance planning in security and safety preparedness is vital to our ability to respond to emergencies, whether they’re viral, violent or otherwise. Healthcare organizations in particular need procedures and sufficient up-to-date equipment to quickly respond to potentially confusing and fluid circumstances.

The coronavirus crisis has also illuminated the dangerous problem of workplace violence against medical caregivers, an issue that healthcare organizations now have a unique opportunity to address.

What you will learn from the Webinar:

  • Healthcare workers receive little and often zero training on how to recognize and respond to violence in their workplace, but they should. Imagine instead if this training was part of their licensing curriculum prior to working in acute/hospital settings and mental health treatment locations. Discussions about planning and preparation could begin well before and segue into training in other facility policies and procedures.
  • The response gap between the time when potential violence erupts and help arrives is often filled with terror and injury. Trained security cannot simply be everywhere instantly.
  • Many smaller or rural facilities have no onsite security at all. Local law enforcement is the closest help.
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