Disable Server Processing will increase server performance.
However, the following features will be disabled for the camera(s).

 1. Server Motion Detection
 2. Timestamp Overlay
 3. Camera Name Overlay
 4. Dynamic Resolution Scaling
 5. Transcode or recompress video
 6. Camera preview in setup
 7. Video Analytics
 8. Web, Android and iPhone client video viewing
 9. Digital PTZ on live video

If clients will be viewing live video, enter the number of
frames per second being transmitted from the server. Example:
If you have 10 cameras recording at 5 frames per second
and two clients will be viewing all cameras at full frame rate
enter 100 in this field.
Enable this option if the camera group will be configured
with any of the following features or integrations:

 1. Email notification with snapshot image attachments.
 2. AgentVI or Mango analytics.

These features require decoding of the video and will
disable Dynamic Video Decoding.

Enable this option if SureView Immix integration will be used.
This feature requires decoding of the video and will
disable Dynamic Video Decoding.
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Projects Project Name:

CompleteView Project Settings
Section 1: Configure your project settings then add cameras to the project in section below.
Which recording platform will be used?
PowerProtect: Salients most scalable hybrid platforms.
RED3: Salient's client-server-switch IP NVRs.
eXtreme IS: Salient's enviromentally hardened client-server-switch IP NVRs.

Which edition of CompleteView VMS will be used?
CompleteView ONE
CompleteView Pro
CompleteView Enterprise

Warranty & updates:

Include client workstation recommendations.

Show advanced options.

Add Cameras
Section 2: Add a single camera or a group of multiple cameras in this area.

IP Camera(s) Analog Camera(s)

Frames Per Second


Cameras recorded by CompleteView recording servers:

The total storage required is 0GB

Add Clients
Section 3: Add any clients that will be streaming video from the NVRs running CompleteView.
 Client name:
 Number of live video feeds that will be displayed:
 GuardStation video output connector type:
  Use Salient ViewPoint screen streaming technology.

Live viewing clients:

Project Results