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Our world has become more connected with emerging technologies. These changes are impacting our lives, and our businesses. The Internet of Things (IoT) collects and shares data from the public sector and private spaces. There are millions of devices and sensors that are collecting this information. Cities and city leaders are coming to an understanding of how to gather and use this data to make their respective cities smarter.

This data collection also can improve the quality of life for residents of their respective cities. Video surveillance is the top IoT collection point, gathering as much as 40 Zetabytes every year. Smart cities and their integrators and consultants should work together to take full advantage of the growing vertical.

What you will learn:

  • Smart City initiatives and applications on the rise
  • Challenges facing Smart Cities and the government sector
  • Emerging IT datacenter technologies and how to address challenges
  • Position yourself as an IoT/Smart Cities market leader
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