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Today we see many driving forces for transitioning much of the technology we traditionally saw at the head end to the edge. Improvement in processing power in edge technology has created an opportunity to add video analytics to edge devices alleviating the need for separate servers. In the case of more process-intensive analytics, shared processing between an anality appliance and the edge device also lowers the cost of the appliance.

This webinar will focus on tangible information your organization can use whether it is looking to adopt the latest in cloud computing or to just dip a toe in the water with a hybrid solution, there is a system out there for everyone.

Some of the topics to be discussed include:

  • What are the Benefits of Pushing It to the Edge
  • When Do Centralized On-Prem Solutions Make More Sense?
  • How Can You Future-Proof Your Edge Solution?
  • Is a Hybrid Solution Right For Your Organization?
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