CompleteView Video Client

The Video Client is the primary interface for live video viewing and security investigations. Users can view video from IP or analog cameras, receive visual event alerts, identify camera locations on interactive multi-level site maps and more. Investigation features allow evidence to be identified and collected easily with capabilities such as Smart Search, Thumbnail search and multi camera playback. The Video Client benefits from CompleteView’s Dynamic Resolution Scaling for fast video call up, high frame rates and low bandwidth and client CPU resource consumption.

CompleteView Alarm Client

The CompleteView Alarm Client is an application that has been designed to display video only when an alarm condition is present during user-definable time periods. In addition, the Alarm Client maintains a history of the one hundred most recent camera alarms. You may quickly recall the video for any of these alarms, which is then shown in a side-by-side display with live video from the associated camera.

CompleteView Web Client

Salient's Web Client is the newest web based deployment for CompleteView VMS. The Web Client features cross browser H.264 support for Windows and Mac platforms. The combination of H.264 and Dynamic Resolution Scaling allows for the fastest call up of megapixel resolution video over remote internet connections. User features such as multi-site live video display, PTZ camera control, and multi-camera playback coupled with cloud optimized bandwidth control, quality control and cross server monitoring capabilities, make the new Web Client a powerful tool in the remote video surveillance market.

CompleteView Spotlight

CV SpotLight provides video popup windows on event with customizable audio alerts.

CompleteView Dynamic Resolution Scaling

Salient's Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS) is the intelligent technology that minimizes bandwidth consumption when streaming video with CompleteView™. DRS provides two key benefits that combine to stream just the video necessary for display. Video streamed for live display is scaled before being transmitted. Watch how Salient’s Dynamic Resolution Scaling can work for you.

CompleteView Automated Attendant

CompleteView’s Automated Attendant expands the capabilities of a video deployment by automating tasks that would normally be performed by an operator. Similar to what a human operator would do, the software automatically controls pan, tilt and zoom cameras to record events when motion is detected or an alarm is triggered.Automated Attendant allows customers to get more value out of their existing CompleteView installation by extending the area covered by cameras and freeing operators to focus on high-level tasks.

CompleteView StartUp Wizard

CompleteView’s Startup Wizard makes it easy to display cameras by simplifying the process of server setup and camera detection, saving time and ensuring a straightforward installation process.