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Preparing for the Next Active Shooter

Preparing for the Next Active Shooter

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The epidemic of gun violence in our schools and other facilities is a horrific outcome that is a direct result of mindset and lack of preparation. If a school, hospital, church, or any place where people gather does not consider security/facility resilience as mission critical they are destined to suffer severe consequences when bad things happen. Unless and until the mindset of “It can’t happen here” is eliminated the outcomes of active-shooter events will be costly. Costly in lives, property, reputation, and money.

The first thing that must occur in our schools and other facilities is accepting the fact that an Active Shooter Event can happen here. We must look at all the potential threats that may well impact a facility and prioritize a response realistic and workable plan. The plan must also consider other potential threats and how preparing for one may be helpful in preparing for all. The plan that is created today must be reviewed and updated annually utilizing the most recent data and procedures available and practiced regularly. It must be a coordinated plan with administrators, staff, students and first responders all buying into policy and procedures, and a similar approach must be policy for businesses and other organizations.

This webinar will discuss a strategic approach to active shooter events and how to create a blueprint that saves lives by employing professional assessment, realistic policy, consistent training, appropriate technology and communication strategies to make it all work.


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November 1, 2023 @ 12:00 PM


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