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Salient’s open video data platform empowers organizations to go beyond security by harnessing the raw intelligence in video to drive business value. Easily achieve your business goals with the flexibility and freedom to leverage best-of-breed cameras, analytics, and access control tailored to your needs.


Salient's open video data platform grows with your security operation, from a single user or small team to industrial-scale security organizations deployed around the world.


Salient's open architecture enables your organization to seamlessly leverage existing technology investments and minimize disruption as hardware and software infrastructure changes over time.

Easy to Use

Minimize the complexity of deploying, managing, and growing best-in-class video surveillance operations with Salient.

Salient offers an easy, scalable, and open Video Management Software platform along with server appliances that support a variety of deployment options

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Whether you are a small business, a large global enterprise, or something in-between, CompleteView brings deployment simplicity and unmatched scalability.

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Unlock operational efficiency and value by connecting to Salient Cloud Services. Access video anytime, anywhere, on any device. Maintain uptime with remote monitoring and maintenance.

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The PowerProtect platform is engineered for continuous access and durability and offers a wide range of powerful workstations and NVRs to match your unique requirements.

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