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Knowledge Base and A&E Specs

Salient offers you support, technical documentation, and general resources. These include manuals, datasheets, brochures, A&E specs, release notes, and how-to's. Access the knowledge base

Design Tool Wizard

The Design Tool Wizard allows you to customize and determine key design elements of your video security project. Easy to use, it’s the perfect tool to design exactly what your customers need. To request a login to access the Design Tool Wizard, please contact

Hardware Summary

Salient's comprehensive hardware platform extends the limits of operational capabilities for video surveillance systems. Download the Hardware Summary

Salient Product Reference Guide

The latest innovation for intelligent security, the Salient Security Platform is a unified platform that is simple, scalable, and secure. Take a look at what's inside Salient's Security Platform and CompleteView 20/20 VMS through Salient's brochure.

CompleteView 20/20 Training Options

At Salient, we believe product education is vital to satisfied customers. We are dedicated to providing you the best possible training to help you design, install, administer and use CompleteView 20/20. Access CompleteView 20/20 Certification Training



CompleteView 20/20 VMS


CompleteView 20/20’s unique combination of powerful functionality, deployment flexibility, and unmatched affordability have enabled Salient to build the industry’s fastest growing consultants channel. Our mission is to make it easy for your organization to buy, deploy, and integrate Salient's solutions, regardless of your size, industry, or geographic location.



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