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Salient built a non-disruptive and simple path to ease cloud adoption and to help your teams align the organization’s digital transformation and cloud initiatives with your video security infrastructure.

Easy to Adopt

  • Salient Cloud Services is integrated with CompleteView and does not change how you deploy your VMS.
  • Register at no cost to seamlessly view your deployment assets from a web dashboard.
  • Salient’s cloud service does not disrupt the functioning of your VMS, making it easy to evaluate and adopt cloud with no risk to your existing operations.
Your IT team will thank you

Simple and Secure Remote Access

  • Salient automatically configures an encrypted connection to enable remote access.
  • No changes to security configurations, VPN settings, or firewalls are required.
  • With a few mouse clicks, you can remotely monitor, manage, and maintain your deployment while allowing your users to remotely access video anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • It is as plug-and-play as we can make it.
diagram showing how cloud services works with CompleteView VMS

Connect your CompleteView deployment to Salient Cloud Services to unlock operational efficiency and value from your video management system

Securing your data is our top priority

Maintain Control and Ownership

  • Cloud Services puts you in complete control of your deployments and who has access to your video data.
  • Centralized management remains on-site.
  • For an added layer of security, we do not store user credentials or video in our cloud.
  • It is easy to evaluate and adopt Salient Cloud Services without disrupting your service or operations.

Centrally manage users across a deployment

Remotely review health of cameras, storage, and recorders

Instantly access new cloud features and seamlessly deploy updates to on-premise components

Reduce downtime by troubleshooting issues remotely

Simple and secure remote access on any device

No need to make any firewall changes or involve IT

Subscription Benefits

  • Easy, secure remote access for your customers and integrators
  • Use existing CompleteView clients
  • Secure connectivity with end-to-end encryption
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