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In today’s world, the video management space encompasses a variety of features that are being influenced by market conditions and associated risks. Beyond the traditional, but still valuable, personnel and property security, and asset protection, organizations are leveraging their video management platforms across many departments to gain business intelligence.

Expanding the use of a VMS to improve operations and customer/employee experiences will be a game changer to businesses, whether aiding in compliance with regulations or simply reducing workplace risk. A VMS provides unlimited possibilities for operational improvements. 

Here are just a few ways leveraging video with other technologies will continue to expand in the coming year.  

Analytics. Today, VMS platforms can layer or integrate analytics for forensics research much more quickly, optimize the operator’s ability to review the situation, and understand what may have occurred and the people involved using rapid and efficient methods.

Additionally, the ability to create real-time alerts using weapons detection analytics provides immediate insights to the security team of a potential predator or suspect carrying a weapon into a school, shopping mall, or grocery store. License plate recognition can instantly alert officials of unwanted trespassers within their campus or corporate property.  

It is anticipated that video analytics will continue to advance significantly. In the near future, video analytics will provide a wide range of alerts, both at the edge embedded on cameras and through sophisticated server-based products integrated into VMS systems. This means that businesses and organizations will have access to more advanced and accurate surveillance capabilities. 

One specific example of enhanced video analytics is the implementation of smoke detection technology. In 2024, this technology will offer preemptive alerting within buildings, enabling early notification before the sprinkler systems activate. This proactive approach not only prevents potential damage to inventory and property but also avoids lengthy shutdowns that can last for weeks, or even months. 

Analytics capabilities will also empower security teams to track individuals or vehicles across multiple cameras and various locations in a matter of seconds, which will greatly enhance surveillance efforts. These advancements in video analytics are expected to be major technology trends in 2024, changing the way businesses and organizations approach security and surveillance.   

Facial recognition. One of the prominent video technology trends we will witness in 2024 is the widespread adoption of facial recognition. This advanced technology is gaining immense popularity worldwide, enabling businesses to enhance their security measures and improve operational efficiencies.  

Facial recognition systems are being used to identify known shoplifters and prevent thefts in retail stores. By quickly recognizing individuals with a history of theft, businesses can take proactive measures to mitigate losses and protect their inventory.

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