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Customer Stories

ORGANIZATION: New Hampshire Liquor Stores
LOCATION: New Hampshire

A Case Of Security

New Hampshire Liquor Commission is all in on IP video surveillance

The New Hampshire Liquor Commission (NHLC) experienced a record-breaking fiscal year in 2016. Sales reached an all-time high of $678.4 million, marking a $36.3 million increase in total sales from Fiscal Year 2015. With the increase of business, and the addition of three more state-run stores, the state commission felt it was time to improve on security solutions. Enter Griffon Security Technologies.

Answering the Call

Griffon answered a public bid for request for proposal, seeking improved video surveillance, to help prevent theft internally, and externally. The resulting response included an all IP solution, upgraded cameras, and the use of Salient VMS for a total overhaul of their loss prevention plan. They used top notch, best of breed equipment, upgrading their video surveillance system statewide to secure all 80 state-owned facilities.

“Sixty stores were upgraded in 2016, and the remaining stores were completed earlier this year,” said TJ Tigerman, director of sales for Griffon Security Technologies. “The commission has budgeted for further upgrades, and that is something we are incredibly happy to be part of.”

NHLC stores have thousands of customers every day.

Stores are located statewide, but the two busiest facilities are just off of Interstate 95 and Interstate 93, where thousands of people buy package liquor. NHLC was able to deliver a record $156 million to the New Hampshire General Fund during fiscal 2016, and the commission’s ongoing efforts to generate record sales helps deliver critical revenue that support a range of essential state programs and services, including education, public safety and health and social services, pleasing state commissioners.

Wine bottles in wine shop.

“We are also extremely proud to have delivered $3 million to New Hampshire’s Alcohol Fund, which uses a percentage of NHLC profits to fund addiction treatment and prevention programs,” liquor commission chairman Joseph W. Mollica said in a press release.

The Final Upgrades

Griffon Security Technologies is currently working on the final upgrades, at least until the next round of security solutions come online, and are continually committed to providing the best technology in the industry for loss prevention and facility security. In the new fiscal year, Griffon expects to build on the newly upgraded system by initiating training for store staff, ensuring employees in all stores statewide are comfortable with its use.

“It will be a great benefit for every New Hampshire Liquor store to be on the same platform, rather than juggling video from stores that have different standards,” Tigerman said. “From a maintenance and training standpoint, having all the systems running the same protocol will make a huge difference for any maintenance issues that may arise.”

Griffon Security Technologies has signed a 10-year maintenance agreement with the state liquor commission, assuring a quality response to any security questions and offering a standard plan of action. 

Best of all for the state commissioners, the New Hampshire Liquor Commission can feel confident that the security activities are in good hands with an integrator that has not only done the installation, giving them an intimate understanding of its capabilities and construction, but is fully committed to providing the type of support that its employees and administrators can rely on.

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