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Securing Your Car

When you’re at work, there is someone watching your vehicle

Chances are, when you picked a parking place this morning, you weren’t thinking about security in that facility. Thankfully, however, there are those people who think about everything, including providing a secure environment in a parking garage.

Securing Your Car

When you’re at work, there is someone watching your vehicle

Chances are, when you picked a parking place this morning, you weren’t thinking about security in that facility. Thankfully, however, there are those people who think about everything, including providing a secure environment in a parking garage.

Park New Haven, the city of New haven’s public parking provider, proudly serves the people of New Haven, CT, and its visitors with more than 8,000 economical public parking spaces at the Air Rights, Crown Street, Temple Medical, Temple Street, Granite Square, Gateway Community College and Union Station garages. They also secure numerous surface parking lots conveniently located in downtown New Haven, and in surrounding residential neighborhoods.

It is a good chance that security is top of mind for New Haven parking officials. Garages offer weather protected, covered parking and many are connected to the facilities they serve. Garages are regularly patrolled by Park New Haven security officers trained to look for potential problems including vandalism and public disturbances.

“Our security team has spent hours going over the system we planned to install,” said David Panagore, the executive director of Park New Haven. “Our goal has always been to provide the folks in New Haven with better technology and improved security in our parking lots.

“At the Air Rights Garage the Number One priority for us was to upgrade the systems that were not working and update the old analog system. The Air Rights parking facility is next door to Yale-New Haven Hospital, and that’s where we started with the new IP cameras.”

In order to protect the investment in existing Axis Communications cameras,
and to ensure the quality of the video, Park New Haven relied on its security consultant, Al Palumbo, to recommend the right VMS to carry the load. He recommended and installed Salient Systems CompleteView.

stair and elevator in a parking garage
“Air Rights Parking Garage was looking for a product with an intuitive interface because it was important for their users to be highly productive right away,” said Brian Carle, director of product strategy at Salient Systems. “Access to no-cost online training was also a key consideration, which allows Air Rights to get new users up to speed on system features and capabilities rapidly.”

Palumbo, principle at DVS Security Consulting & Engineering, a division of Ross and Baruzzini, wanted to make sure that Park New Haven was able to modernize all their parking facilities with a best of breed product that also met their needs. He also said choosing a camera and VMS was a team effort, which included people at Yale Hospital and Park New Haven.

The Air Rights Garage provides about 2,600 parking spaces, most of which are taken by Yale new haven Hospital staff and patrons. Park New Haven manages around 8,000 spaces citywide. The garage itself has been operational for many years, and DVS Security has been working on the garage for decades. In this particular case, DVS engineers designed the drawings and specifications to implement the cameras, and suggested what VMS system should be used to power the video traffic

“We believe what we have installed brings added value to the customer,” Palumbo said. “There are command centers at both the hospital and at the garage and the new security design has allowed for integrated communications between the two.”

Automated systems provide remote operating capability, which allows parking and security to work together with the guidance systems. The system provides a high level of security without a massive workforce.

One person can do the job of many and get very good results. System integration, scalability and administration had been key concerns for Air Rights. Salient’s CompleteView has a health monitoring and centralized administration tool that allows operators to see the camera, NVR and user status for the entire system on one screen.

“Performing system administration and updating for all NVRs and video viewing clients centrally is another benefit which dramatically reduces time, system maintenance tasks and the complexity of software updates,” Carle said.

Park New Haven also upgraded its emergency call system, installed an integrated guard tour system, included Axis fixed, PTZ and thermal imaging cameras for reliable detection in darkness and other challenging conditions, and now relies on a dedicated security network for the IP security devices to communicate.

Emergency call system: This was a wholesale upgrade of the emergency call system from an analog system to a full IP digital solution, which included bright, LED illuminated lettering and an enlarged customized stainless steel, weather resistant enclosure that the enlarged to ensure prominent display.

Access control: A new Software House access control system integrates guard tour features to provide guard tour safety routes within the access control system, instead of using and maintaining a separate system.

Thermal imaging cameras: For sensitive areas requiring video surveillance in very low light locations and to reduce vandalism, burglary and false alarms, Axis special thermal imaging cameras were used. Dedicated security network system: In order to support the large amount of data produced by the video, access control and intercom and emergency call systems, a dedicated security network system was designed, including a Cisco core switch.

Using Salient Systems’ CompleteView, Dynamic Resolution Scaling reduced the load on the network when transmitting live video

“Dynamic Resolution Scaling also reduced load on the client systems displaying live video in the video monitoring room,” Carle said. “The net effect: video call up is faster, the system is more responsive and they are better prepared to respond to security events in real-time.”

rooftop view of parking garage in the city

Real-time activity is crucial in this setting, though Park New Haven has never had a critical emergency in the garage. It could be because DVS recommends their customers employ the best of breed equipment, and it could be due to their experience designing security systems for such high-profile buildings as the World Trade Center, the President Bill Clinton Library and the United Nations, among others.

In choosing a VMS to power the security system, Palumbo said he took a very long look at Salient Systems and found it simple to follow and easy to use. He said it was a very straightforward installation, and that, while it integrates with all major camera manufacturers, CompleteView has an especially deep integration with the full Axis line of network cameras.

“We’ve been designing for the security needs of Park New Haven for the past 30 years,” Palumbo said. “We specify the best equipment for the job, and we expect those products to be reliable and provide what the customer needs and wants.”

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