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There is nothing more frustrating than discovering your newly constructed or renovated hospital has major security and emergency management vulnerabilities that were never considered during the design phase. Addressing these problems after construction or renovation is complete is usually very expensive. Additionally, the solutions that are implemented as retrofits are often not as effective as the ones that are “built-in” on the front end of a project.  

This webcast will cover how you can incorporate leading security, public safety and emergency management practices during the planning/design phase of a construction or renovation project so your healthcare facility can reduce costs and optimize protection.  

Viewers will learn:

  • The most common security, public safety and emergency management issues facing hospitals today. 
  • Examples of good and bad security/public safety/emergency management design and how it affects a hospital’s ability to protect patients during security incidents, as well as man-made emergencies and natural disasters.
  • How architects can collaborate with hospital security and emergency responders to incorporate technology, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and policies in the design/planning phase of a project that supports optimal security, public safety and emergency management.
  • Guidelines for facility-wide risk assessments, working with door hardware and fire safety vendors, and coordination among various stakeholders for the best outcome. 

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