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Revolutionizing Emergency Response: The Power of Cloud Access for First Responders

Large School Districts enjoy economies of scale when it comes to IT, security and budgetary resources.  Medium and smaller districts face the same challenges but have fewer resources to ensure student and staff safety. So, what is their best option?  When it comes to planning a high level of organized security response, using cloud accessibility services is an attractive option. This technology can transform emergency response by streamlining communication and data sharing between first responders regardless of physical location, through a cloud hosted, VPN connected, API gateway. 

Reimagining Emergency Response 

School leaders are turning to cloud solutions for a secure and reliable way of protecting students, staff and visitors. Salient’s Cloud Connect provides education facilities with an effective way to do so.   

Preconfigured Accessibility:  Quick, Efficient, Ready to Act 

Cloud access allows schools to configure their systems prior to an urgent situation. Admins have choices that allow them to simplify user management, ensure secure and efficient access and maintain data security.  This means first responders can instantly access critical video feeds, allowing them to understand the situation in real-time and respond effectively. Since authentication happens locally, local credentials as well as the ability to integrate with on prem Active Directory are possible. Whether in a squad car or on school premises, first responders, regardless of municipality, can pull up video feeds on their mobile devices without being tethered to specific on-premise networks. All the control needed to permit and unify their access is in the Administrators’ hands. 

Map Integration:  Enhancing Awareness, Saving Lives 

Live camera feeds help first responders prioritize their rescue efforts based on the locations of students and staff.  For campuses with several buildings and cameras, mapping provides a detailed layout of the building, including the location of cameras, fire exits, stairways, and potential hazards for people who are largely unaware of the building layout in advance of their arrival. This situational awareness can help first responders make informed tactical decisions, increasing safety for those in the building and themselves. 

Salient Cloud Services requires no off-site video storage or credential storage and allows users to maintain their data security posture with cloud-enabled access.  From simplifying VPN challenges to providing rapid and secure access to vital information, school leaders can be sure they are providing the highest level of security while maintaining an environment focused on student achievement. The future of emergency response is here, and it is in the Cloud. 

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