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Founded in 1995, Salient Systems is a provider of open architecture video management systems. The company’s executive vice president, Tom Chamard, joins the conversation to discuss Salient’s work and the VMS marketplace.

What differentiates Salient in the marketplace?

There is significant historical context here in that we have been around for over 20 years. In the VMS world that could be considered a lifetime. Our background was founded in the medical imaging business back in the mid 1990s when the CCTV industry was still changing VCR tapes.

We were managing higher resolution, high frame rate video in the context of medical imaging. That gave us a leg up in terms of an understanding of where the IP revolution was going relative to the demand for higher performance both with cameras and with having the ability to resourcefully process streaming video.

One of the things that make us unique is our centralized management modules, which are high functioning and enable centralized and decentralized environments to be administered extremely efficiently. In addition, the manner in which we process live and recorded video translates to our platform being exceedingly network friendly in terms of minimizing bandwidth consumption.

This is a very meaningful value proposition. Many higher resolution cameras have become incredibly affordable and are therefore widely distributed in a broad range of deployments.

In many ways, these aspects of the IP camera evolution play into our sweet spot.This combination of strengths is quite unique in terms of enterprise class VMS platforms. It enables Salient to render images, manage video and perform forensics, across a variety of applications with exceptional speed and clarity.

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