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Improve Security and Control at Large Venues with CompleteView VMS

Football players and coaches are not the only ones reviewing game tape at stadiums utilizing CompleteView VMS. Other large venues such as convention centers are a hub of bustling activities, with shifting crowds and multiple exit points, making security a challenge. Security teams utilize our cutting-edge technology to quickly review hundreds of hours of video quickly to determine what worked during large events and what needs to be improved. 

With CompleteView’s Dynamic Resolution Scaling and our uber-responsive playback, CompleteView allows security operators to quickly attack problems that arise. Security operators can also review video quickly and succinctly with video analytics to check staffing levels, how the customers interacted with the experiences and how to better improve traffic flow in and out of stadiums, convention centers or other large venues. 

CompleteView makes it even easier to review operations and address areas for improvement for the security team and the customer experience. CompleteView, a video management system (VMS), is an excellent solution for these situations. In this blog, we’ll dive into the benefits of CompleteView and how it can improve security, active shooter detection, crowd control, and line management for large venues.

Improved Security

CompleteView VMS enhances surveillance and security in large venues with its advanced camera analytics technology, which allows security to be notified of potential security threats, including intrusion, theft, and violence. The analytic software analyzes video feeds and sends real-time alerts to security personnel so they can quickly respond, preventing incidents from escalating.

Crowd Control

Large venues often struggle to maintain crowd control and manage the movement of thousands of people. CompleteView, combined with 3rd party analytics, provides an advanced camera technology that helps in monitoring crowd size, density, and flow patterns. With its ability to identify potential congestion areas such as escalators, entrances, and bottlenecks, the software aids operators in preventing or managing crowded areas, significantly enhancing the visitor’s experience and creating a more seamless environment.

Active Shooter Detection

Active Shooter Detection is a growing concern worldwide. However, there are technologies that can help in promptly detecting suspicious activity. 3rd party integrations along with CompleteView VMS, can help identify warning signs of an active shooter in its early stages. This powerful tool leverages its camera network to recognize signs of an active shooter – such as loud gunshots or screams – thus alerting security to act promptly and prevent further escalation.

Line Queuing

Line queuing is common at venues, and can be frustrating for visitors. CompleteView can help operators manage lines by providing real time updates on queuing lines and wait times to visitors. . Personnel can be dispatched to direct visitors to facilities or areas where there are shorter wait times. Staffing can also be adjusted based on peak hours or long lines.

Object and Facial Recognition 

An open video platform like CompleteView VMS has features that help identify objects or people that are obstructing foot traffic, leading to choke points or high-traffic zones, in addition to the benefits specified earlier. The software records video footage of the issue and marks the object or person that is blocking the path, allowing operators to quickly recover from the issue. Additionally, this software has facial recognition to identify potential security risks before they can enter the venue, allowing for a secure and safe experience for all attendees.

In conclusion, large venues face numerous challenges when it comes to security and crowd management. The CompleteView video management system can help operators enhance security, monitor crowd flow, detect active shooters, and manage queue times effectively. Its cutting-edge features make it the ideal tool for managing large venues across the world. The software’s continued development ensures that it is always up to date with the latest security technology.  By adding state-of-the-art systems, venue operators can maximize their guests’ experiences.  

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