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Video surveillance is used for the protection of real assets such as office buildings, multi-family apartments,  condominiums, secure communities, malls, and remotely managed shopping centers. The added value of providing a secure place to work and live is evident not only to owners, but to property managers and tenants.

Ensure your properties are secure and safe for tenants, staff, and customers by monitoring hallways, stairways, and multiple entrances, and reduce costs of security patrols.

Customer Stories


Join Salient at GSX 2023

Join Salient at GSX and stay ahead of the ever-changing security landscape. Discover the latest trends, technologies, and best practices to tackle security challenges. Connect with industry professionals, exchange ideas,

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Make Your City Secure

Discover how placing all the pieces in the right positions enhances city safety. In this webinar, Christopher Harper, a security professional, will draw from his experiences and expertise to bolster

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