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City of Austin Raises its Smart City Security IQ

Cities all across America are jumping on the “Smart City” bandwagon. There are several different aspects of what a smart city looks like, but overall, cities are looking to use technology to make their city safer. Technology can have a significant capital expense, so reusing as much of the existing infrastructure as possible is paramount for cities struggling with diminishing budgets. The biggest challenge with doing this is that most systems have been acquired by different departments at different times and installed by different contractors using different manufacturers. More often than not, these disparate systems can’t communicate with each other.

Consolidating these old systems is paramount for interoperability in emergencies. And training on fewer platforms increases response time and provides better situational awareness. So, the big question is: how do you do this in a cost-effective phased approach? There are software companies that can connect old systems together, but they charge almost as much as ripping and replacing the entire system. And the age of most of these systems would require them to be replaced at some point anyway.

Read the full article to learn more about how Salient's video surveillance solution gave the city of Austin a leg up on achieving "Smart City" status.

Published in Security Magazine