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These are unprecedented times in our world, our lives, and of course, our industry. As front-line defenders, loss prevention leadership is in a critical position.

We have multiple fronts that we need to protect. First and foremost is the protection of our customers and employees.

Then we have the products we sale and protecting the profits our respective companies generate. And finally, we have a leadership role in evaluating how prepared we were for this crisis and what we can begin planning for today to ensure we are better prepared for the next crisis.

In these times, loss prevention’s position of knowledge and expertise is essential to the safety and success of our companies while navigating these somewhat unchartered waters.

Here are a few things that we can do to help our companies make it through these challenging times.

Use video analytics like loitering and queue management to help monitor and report areas where customers and/or employees are congregating. Salient users can access this automatic oversight to help teams identify and correct customer and employee behavior to help maintain healthy social distancing.

Utilize video analytics to identify key theft indicators—both internal and external. Salient users have deployed video analytics that can alert employees by radio when potential unfavorable customers have loitered in an area for an extended period of time.

Start or increase in-store security calls or announcements to alert would-be thieves to your vigilance. These announcements can also be automatically announced with Salient video analytics over a traditional radio system or an IP speaker.

Ensure all signage, public view monitors, shelf monitors, and other security tools are fully functional and in use. The ability to utilize a video system that minimizes bandwidth like Salient can allow more users to connect remotely and verify signage and other security tools from their desks. Dynamic Resolution Scaling allows more video, more users, and more sites with the same bandwidth.

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