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How Retailers are using Actionable Video Intelligence

Summary: Video management plays a crucial role in enhancing security and operational efficiency within retail stores. By deploying advanced video management systems (VMS), retailers can monitor various areas of their stores in real-time, deterring theft, vandalism, and other security threats. These systems not only help in identifying and investigating incidents but also facilitate proactive measures…

CompleteView Features Demo

Summary: This video provides a demonstration and overview of many of the features of CompleteView. It showcases various functionalities such as Video Wall setup, GeoView configuration, searching video, the mobile client, and more. Additionally, the video highlights the seamless integration of third-party applications, including BriefCam, within the CompleteView platform.


WebViews, introduced in CompleteView 7.2, allows for the display of internal or external URLs within the Desktop Client interface.

Video Wall Overview

This video demonstrates the functionalities of CompleteView’s Video Wall. Video Wall allows for displaying camera feeds across multiple connected monitors, such as used in Security Operations Centers. It combines discussions of Video Wall with Alarm View and provides a real-world example of applying both features.

Corporate Introduction

This video presents a brief introduction to who we are and what we do. Key personnel introduce you to Salient, our main product, CompleteView, and describe in a nutshell how we can meet your security needs.

Escalado de Resolución Dinámica

Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS) es una tecnología clave para ahorrar ancho de banda de red exclusiva de CompleteView. Cuando un cliente solicita un video desde un Servidor de Grabación, también transmite la resolución actual de la ventana de visualización.