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Text Search

The video demonstrates CompleteView’s intuitive text search capabilities. Wherever there is a search box, simply type in the desired result and press enter. Click on the items in the resulting list.

Remote Investigations

CompleteView employs Dynamic Resolution Scaling in the Playback module during remote investigations. The use of this proprietary technology allows the recorded video to quickly populate and minimize impact on network bandwidth.

Custom Tabs

CompleteView offers a feature known as custom tabs, enabling users to create personalized tabs in the Live View module for quick navigation between different cameras or views. With this functionality, users can customize their interface to suit their specific monitoring needs. This feature provides flexibility and convenience in managing surveillance feeds, empowering users to optimize…

Mapping with Multiple Monitors

CompleteView offers a map view feature that supports multiple monitors. Users can simultaneously monitor live feeds and recorded footage from various cameras across different locations. With the ability to display multiple maps on separate monitors, operators can maintain situational awareness and respond promptly to security incidents.

Design Tool Wizard Tutorial

The Design Tool Wizard (DTW) is an innovative solution designed to assist resellers in accurately calculating Video Management System (VMS) hardware requirements based on various factors such as camera count, stream processing, and other parameters. This tool streamlines the process of recommending the right allocation of PowerProtect servers for a CompleteView deployment by providing resellers…

Dynamic Resolution Scaling

Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS) is a key network bandwidth saving technology exclusive to CompleteView. When a client requests video from a Recording Server, it also conveys the current resolution of the display window. The Recording Server delivers only the needed video data, saving considerable bandwidth in the process.

Salient Cloud Services

Salient Cloud Services augments and enhances customer and integrator experiences by giving them visibility and easy remote access to maintain and manage CompleteView deployments. This video provides an overview of Salient Cloud Services’ features and functionalities and describes real-world applications for the technology.