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CompleteView iOS

The video overviews the CompleteView iOS app which provides users with convenient access to their deployment from their mobile devices running iOS. CompleteView iOS is a robust, full-featured client that allows access to views, cameras, maps, and recordings with similar functionality to the Desktop Client.


In addition to viewing live feeds, CompleteView’s core functionality includes playing back recordings for investigative purposes. This video demonstrates the basics of how to search for and play back recorded video.

Mapping with Multiple Monitors

CompleteView offers a map view feature that supports multiple monitors. Users can simultaneously monitor live feeds and recorded footage from various cameras across different locations. With the ability to display multiple maps on separate monitors, operators can maintain situational awareness and respond promptly to security incidents.

Pop-Up Review

The “pop-up review” feature in CompleteView allows users to quickly access and review recent portions of recorded footage without interrupting current tasks or surveillance activities. This functionality enables operators to efficiently investigate incidents or events by seamlessly overlaying video playback on their existing interface. With pop-up reviews, users can maintain situational awareness while simultaneously examining…

Trimming Video on the Fly

CompleteView has the capability to trim video footage on the fly and send the clip to the Export Queue, allowing users to quickly edit and extract relevant segments in real-time instead of switching to the Playback Module for editing. This functionality enables operators to remove unnecessary or redundant portions of video streams while monitoring live…