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Video Wall Overview

This video demonstrates the functionalities of CompleteView’s Video Wall. Video Wall allows for displaying camera feeds across multiple connected monitors, such as used in Security Operations Centers. It combines discussions of Video Wall with Alarm View and provides a real-world example of applying both features.

Text Search

The video demonstrates CompleteView’s intuitive text search capabilities. Wherever there is a search box, simply type in the desired result and press enter. Click on the items in the resulting list.

RS2 Access It! and Salient CompleteView Bidirectional Integration

This video demonstrates the RS2 Access IT! bidirectional integration with CompleteView. This integration allows seamless communication between RS2 Access IT and CompleteView enabling bidirectional data exchange combining real-time access control events and video data. With this enhancement, users can efficiently manage access control and video surveillance, leading to improved situational awareness and response capabilities.

Custom Tabs

CompleteView offers a feature known as custom tabs, enabling users to create personalized tabs in the Live View module for quick navigation between different cameras or views. With this functionality, users can customize their interface to suit their specific monitoring needs. This feature provides flexibility and convenience in managing surveillance feeds, empowering users to optimize…

Mapping with Multiple Monitors

CompleteView offers a map view feature that supports multiple monitors. Users can simultaneously monitor live feeds and recorded footage from various cameras across different locations. With the ability to display multiple maps on separate monitors, operators can maintain situational awareness and respond promptly to security incidents.

Maximizing Map View for Live and Recorded Video

CompleteView’s Map View provides an intuitive interface to group cameras together in either an image-based or satellite map. Cameras’ orientations and fields of view are represented on the map and reflect alarm or motion states. The video demonstrates basic Map View functionality and features.

Maps and GeoView

GeoView allows for rapid creation of a view from cameras embedded in a map. This approach allows personnel to keep track of an unfolding situation in real time, such as following an individual moving across multiple cameras’ fields of view. This functionality streamlines monitoring emerging events moving across a defined geographic area across multiple cameras.


WebViews, introduced in CompleteView 7.2, allows for the display of internal or external URLs within the Desktop Client interface. Administrators may configure Web Views to grant specific users access to specific sites. This functionality can greatly enhance an operator’s situational awareness and makes integration with third party applications, such as video analytics platforms, much easier.