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Text Search

The video demonstrates CompleteView’s intuitive text search capabilities. Wherever there is a search box, simply type in the desired result and press enter. Click on the items in the resulting list.

RS2 Access It! and Salient CompleteView Bidirectional Integration

This video demonstrates the RS2 Access IT! bidirectional integration with CompleteView. This integration allows seamless communication between RS2 Access IT and CompleteView enabling bidirectional data exchange combining real-time access control events and video data. With this enhancement, users can efficiently manage access control and video surveillance, leading to improved situational awareness and response capabilities.

Remote Investigations

CompleteView employs Dynamic Resolution Scaling in the Playback module during remote investigations. The use of this proprietary technology allows the recorded video to quickly populate and minimize impact on network bandwidth.

Automatic Map Switching

The video demonstrates a feature in CompleteView called “map switching,” where camera events trigger corresponding maps in the Alarm view. This functionality allows users to quickly navigate to the location of an event by automatically switching to the relevant map when an alarm is triggered by a camera. Users can easily visualize the spatial context…

Live View

In addition to playing back recorded video, CompleteView’s core functionality includes viewing live cameras. This video demonstrates the basics of how to search for and display live video.


In addition to viewing live feeds, CompleteView’s core functionality includes playing back recordings for investigative purposes. This video demonstrates the basics of how to search for and play back recorded video.

Intro to CompleteView v7.0

This overview of CompleteView version 7.0 introduces several new features including enhanced storage management capabilities and Salient Cloud Services.

Investigations: Custom Views

The custom views feature in CompleteView allows users to create tailor-made layouts and viewing experiences to meet specific investigative tasks. These custom views are created by individual users as opposed to system administrators.