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Ai-rgus is AI-software developed to automatically verify that security cameras continue to produce their intended video to improve safety and security on premises.

Ai-RGUS ensures users have the image you need, without compromising views such as ▪ Blur ▪ Tilt ▪ Tamper ▪ Obstruction ▪ Glare ▪ Feed down.

  • Hassle free install and use; online graphical user interface and API.
  • Peace of mind: Ai-RGUS makes sure that the task of camera verification is done, with a consistent verification quality, and sends automatic email alerts. 
  • Reduced Liability: AI verification is reliable and consistent. Proactive verification, providing confidence that desired image exists including for slip and falls and loss prevention cases.
  • Efficient: Automated verification, saves time from manually review cameras, and enables hassle free camera system growth.

Ai-RGUS is dedicated to security camera wellness: this is not a “feature”​ among many. They will go the extra mile so your maintenance operation is easy and reliable.

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