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AMAG’s Symmetry™ Security Management System provides advanced security solutions for access control, video management and intrusion detection. As a Certified Partner in AMAG’s Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program, Salient Systems’ CompleteView Video Management System is fully integrated to provide video with access control event information in a single, powerful interface.

With a comprehensive set of integrated video and access control features, Symmetry V8 and CompleteView VMS provide video from an unlimited number of cameras, at multiple sites, connected to multiple servers.

New Symmetry V8 software expands access control capability with added features for temporary card holders, automatic card expiration, vacation tracker and expanded card holder filters. Powerful features like per-camera configuration of all video streaming and recording parameters, advanced PTZ control on event, live video and recorded video, and simultaneous support for multiple video formats including Motion JPEG, MPEG4 and H.264 are available.

CompleteView delivers everything you need to manage your video surveillance system and integrate support of analog, IP megapixel and HD video feeds into Symmetry v8.1 SP1 and 8.1The integration’s alarm monitoring allows users to easily monitor CompleteView server status and camera events, such as motion detection. Video recordings of access control and other events can be called up by clicking on the event in Symmetry providing a faster response to security incidents

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