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With Salient Systems’ CompleteView Video Management System and the CCURE•9000 security and event management system, you can correlate video with access control event information in one powerful interface. The combination allows full interaction with live video and recording, turning the physical security interface into a full-featured video security solution.

CompleteView delivers everything you need to manage your video surveillance system – from a single server with a few cameras to a multi-server, multi-site enterprise installation with unlimited clients. Analog, IP, megapixel and HD video feeds can all be incorporated seamlessly into a CCURE•9000 system. You can instantly access, monitor and review live and recorded video from any camera connected to any CompleteView  recording server in the system. Additionally, video and access events are correlated in the CCURE•9000 interface allowing users to control camera actions such as ‘record on event’ and ‘move to PTZ preset location’. Alerts and incidents can be further reviewed through CompleteView  client investigation tools.

With a comprehensive set of fully integrated video and access control security features, the CCURE•9000 and CompleteView VMS solution provides actionable information with live viewing and playback features, advanced PTZ controls and email notification capabilities for a faster response to security incidents.

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