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Author: Paul Fisher, published in Security Magazine

Video surveillance for an extra layer of security

Hundreds of thefts and losses from interstate shipments happen each year, sending logistics providers in search of solutions to add additional security measures. Security in warehouses and loading docks is of the utmost importance – offering a holistic view on facility operations and security from truck arrival, to loading and departure. Using license plate recognition analytics, logistics providers can ensure incoming trucks are who they say they are, as well as offer an extra measure of access control security. Where enhanced perimeter security is needed, video surveillance can notify security personnel of any suspicious behavior, or loitering.

Investing in an open, sustainable, versatile and flexible video management system can help logistics providers differentiate themselves from competitors by offering cost-saving measures and enhanced safety and security. From improving operational efficiencies, reducing OSHA violations and false claims, to increasing shipment sizes – a video system can greatly increase safety and the bottom line.

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