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2021’s Security Tech Trend Takeaways

Originally published on Security Sales & Integrations |  

Salient Systems Chief Product Officer Sanjay Challa says vertical market opportunities for the company’s open architecture video management software haven’t changed much in 2021. Salient’s wares are designed to meet the security needs and requirements of numerous industries in the marketplace.

However, due to the pandemic, businesses have been gravitating toward remotely accessing their facilities without being onsite. This has been especially prevalent in education and retail sectors, which were highly disrupted by the pandemic, Challa explains.

Also, pre-pandemic, workstations for security operations required close contact among employees and countless shared touchpoints.

“Remote check-ins allow for increased health safety, as employees can view video footage on the web or from a mobile device. As an added bonus, remote access and easy-to-use web and mobile clients are easier to deploy for an organization and allows for simple installation, management and updating processes,” Challa says. “We are likely to see web and mobile clients continue to be more prevalent, even as the pandemic thaws.”

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