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AI And The Cloud Provide New Solutions To Old Problems At GSX 2023

Companies at GSX 2023 emphasized new ways that technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud can address long-standing issues in the security market.

Among the exhibitors at the event in Dallas were companies seeking creative ways to apply technology, lower costs, and make the world a safer place. Reflecting on the exhibition, here are some additional takeaways.

Transitioning The Mid-Market To The Cloud

Salient is squarely focused on the “mid-market,” a large swath of systems somewhere between small businesses and enterprise-level systems.

Pure cloud systems are not as attractive to this market, which has a built-out infrastructure of on-premise systems. Adding a camera to an existing system is easier and less expensive than tying it to the cloud.

Benefits of cloud

It’s a market that may not be ready for pure cloud, but there are benefits to be realized from adding a cloud element to existing systems.

We are continuing to augment our premise-based solutions with added cloud capabilities and flexibility, says Sanjay Challa, Salient’s Chief Product Officer.

The feedback Salient hears from their customers is “I want to own my data.” The hybrid cloud approach offers the right mix of control, flexibility, and unit economics.

Cloud add-on capabilities

Cloud add-on capabilities include bringing more intelligence about system operation to the user via the cloud. Over time, Salient expects to sell more cloud-centric offerings based on feedback from integrators and customers.

We want to provide the flexibility for customers to go full-cloud as it becomes more economically attractive over time, says Challa.

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