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Chris Garner

Future-Proofing Your Video Management System

By Chris Garner | May 18, 2022

Many companies struggle with the need to replace and start over as their surveillance and recording needs change. Manufacturers understand the struggle and are designing solutions that can ease you into the future with open platforms and enhanced service offerings.

Sanjay Challa

Why your VMS needs Dynamic Resolution Scaling

By Sanjay Challa | Apr 13, 2022

Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS) was specifically developed by Salient to tailor the transfer of remote live video in such a way that it is optimized for viewing and sharing.

Salient Systems and Wasabi Technologies Partner to Deliver Best-Of-Breed Technologies

By Salient | Mar 24, 2022

“Wasabi is thrilled to be a part of Salient System’s ecosystem. We are excited to offer Salient customers affordable hot cloud storage to compliment their Completeview VMS open cloud video data platform..."

Salient is back at ISC West 2022!

By Salient | Mar 17, 2022

At ISC West, you can learn more about Salient’s new integrations with leading access control and analytics solutions and a host of enhancements that improve the quality of and access to live video with lower infrastructure costs as well as new features and services coming later this year.

Shot of Corridor in Working Data Center Full of Rack Servers and Supercomputers with High Internet Visualisation Projection.
Sanjay Challa

Leveraging video data beyond security

By Sanjay Challa | Jan 14, 2022

At Salient, we believe that our customers can grow their profits by leveraging video data for uses that go beyond physical security. This includes the ability to create revenue, increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and implement cost saving measures.

Three healthcare workers talking in a busy modern lobby

Enhancing Healthcare with an Open Platform

By Salient | Jan 14, 2022

With increased responsibilities and waves of patients and their families overflowing hospitals, violent and aggressive situations have increased. A scalable security system would allow healthcare organization to implement new technologies and integrations that will assist them in improving overall operations as seen when dynamics change frequently throughout a pandemic.

Colorful metal lockers
Paul Smith

Security trends in K-12 schools

By Paul Smith | Dec 02, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened the focus on security and safety in K-12 environments, with faculties now simultaneously focusing on both traditional security needs as well as new everchanging health related measures. The trends that have emerged as critical are perimeter security, emergency communications and situational awareness, and active shooter systems.