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Multi-site video security helps resolve many challenges

High camera counts, limited bandwidth for connecting multiple locations and linking together a variety of different security technologies are just some of the challenges facing multi-site organizations when selecting video security technology.

Tying it all together by using the right mix of integrated technologies can lead to a more cost-effective security program and better protection of people and assets.


The security of the system is an often overlooked aspect of technology selection, as is deployment and configuration. With the vast majority of products now IPcapable, it helps to consider how systems are configured and deployed to avoid compromising network and data security.

Multi-site deployments typically provide video security access to users at each site and more frequently have centralized monitoring and investigations as another layer of access.

With multi-user access, exporting evidence needs to be controlled to avoid sensitive security information being released. The video management platform should provide the ability to permission user access to playback, exporting video and taking snapshot images to limit access to such features. Export events should be logged, providing an audit trail of the camera, time range of exported video, VMS user account, time of export and the workstation used to export video. Some systems will create a “blind” copy of the exported evidence on centralized storage automatically providing a record of all the video exported. Additionally, consider adopting a policy preventing the use of smartphones and cameras in any rooms with VMS client software to prevent users from recording the screen which would bypass built in system permissions and logging.

In the event of an emergency or other significant security event, many users may want to access the same camera simultaneously. In the event the camera is PTZ and multiple users have permission to move the camera, it’s important the VMS system allows for prioritizing user access so the highest priority user maintains control. Also, look for systems that allow user access to cameras to be shut down immediately, which can prevent users from accessing live video of a particularly sensitive security event.

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